In-Spike Orchids

  • Dendrochilum magnum

    Dendrochilum magnum

    Intermediate - Potted - Philippines - Species - Mature IN SPIKE! Stately plants up to 24 inches when mature - dense sprays of creamy yellow flowers arch from new growths - very showy - fragrant. Mature.

  • Masdevallia leptoura

    Masdevallia leptoura

    Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - Species Multiple spikes of several yellow and white flowers variably dotted with red - 5 inch plant is easy to bloom - fragrant. Mature.

  • Nageliella purpurea

    Nageliella purpurea

    Intermediate - Potted - Central America - Species - Blooming Size This little orchid has lovely, succulent, silvery leaves with a fine pattern and a long flower spike that it repeatedly blooms from. Its cupped, purple flowers are high above the plant at...

  • Scaphosepalum breve

    Scaphosepalum breve

    Intermediate - Potted - South America IN BLOOM! 4 to 6 inch plant with paddle shaped leaves. Sequential bloomer, constantly in bloom. Flowers are dark red in the center and bright yellow fused sepals. Mature.

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  • Scaphosepalum verrucosum

    Scaphosepalum verrucosum

    Intermediate - Potted - Colombia IN BUD! (formerly S. octhodes) 4 inch paddle-shaped leaves - long inflorescence of yellow horned flowers bloom consecutively all year. Mature.

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